Deborah King

  My name is Deborah King and photography is my passion (if you haven’t already noticed). This passion that was once just a hobby (with dreams of it becoming more) is now my reality. I am sure if you are reading my “about me” section, then you actually want to learn a little about the person behind the camera. Well, here goes…
    I was homeschooled by my parents. I got my first job in the food industry before taking on another job to help with developing and funding my love for photography.
    I married my husband, Roy, in 2011. He is in the military and was deployed for a year soon after our marriage. (Those of you in the military or with family in the military know how difficult deployments can be!) It actually turned out to be a blessing for us. It strengthened us and brought us into a closer and deeper walk with the Lord. Life got back to normal and over the next few years we had our first daughter, Gabriella. A few years later our second daughter, Sarah Beth, was born. My daughters revived my love of photography!
    The thought of trying to capture the perfect moment in time presents a challenge. However, once it is achieved it brings satisfaction to me but more importantly, is the joy that I see when my clients are happy.
      Shout Outs:  I can’t finish this “about me” section without thanking my family for the support they give me to do what I love. Most of all, I must thank my husband who worked extremely hard to make my dreams come true. He truly is the best husband; and he is a wonderful father to our girls.